Operator and Service Provider Partners

iDirect is working with a network of lending institutions within different regions of the world that will enable you to grow your business with an iDirect solution, without an excessive up-front cost. Why finance? By taking advantage of iDirect’s network of finance partners, it allows us to help you grow your business in today’s thriving technological environment. We strive to place potentially qualified customers interested in iDirect *products in touch with lenders who may be willing to assist.

By leveraging financing, companies of any size can benefit:

  • Credit can be difficult to attain in this economy
  • Major international banks have decreased lending to reduce risk and clean their balance sheets
  • Meanwhile, in the faster growing emerging markets, local banks may charge exorbitant interest rates and fees

We serve the following regions:
  • Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, UK
  • Africa, Emerging Asia, CIS, Latin America, Middle East
  • United States

Contact us today to learn how the right financing solution can best benefit your business.

*To qualify, at least one 5IF hub must be financed.