iDX Software

iDX software is the platform operating software, fully integrated across iDirect’s Evolution® remotes, hubs and line-cards, and network management. iDX incorporates iDirect’s most advanced communication technologies, fueling the performance gains and innovative features that customers depend upon for reliable and effective service. It dynamically supports star and SCPC Return topologies through Adaptive TDMA and DVB-S2 data transmission, enables Group QoS bandwidth allocation, offers TRANSEC and FIPS compliant encryption, and provides many more critical features.

Software Highlights

Performance & Quality – Advanced routing and networking technologies to deliver enterprise-class services. Quality of Service technologies to allocate bandwidth efficiently across networks and applications.

Efficiency – Cost-effective bandwidth allocation across distributed, dynamic networks. A wide range of technologies for inbound and outbound channels.

Security – AES encryption for commercial security requirements. Military-grade TRANSEC and FIPS standards compliance.

Mobility – Ready-to-access mobility and portability functionality. High-quality, reliable user experience for communications on the move or on the pause.

iDX 3.3.0 Software Release

iDX 3.3.0 brings new features to the X1 remotes, which opens up even more markets and applications for increased revenue opportunities. Visit X1 and X1 Outdoor for more details.

Key Features introduced by this Release:

  • Geo-redundancy for improved reliability and SLAs 
  • NAT/PAT provides network security and IP address conservation 
  • cRTP permits more calls per channel 
  • Optional 256-bit AES encryption

iDX 3.2 Software Release

Now iDX 3.2 builds on the power and versatility of the Evolution hardware platform to take performance and efficiency to the next level through Adaptive TDMA and other technology advancements. Visit for additional information.

Key Features Introduced by this Release:

  • High performance ATDMA remote to support bandwidth heavy applications
  • Adaptive TDMA on the return channel to lower bandwidth costs and increase reliability
  • Improved acquisition, 1.05 roll-off factor and waveform enhancements to drive greater efficiency and availability 

iDX 3.1 Software Release

The iDX 3.1 release enabled partners to offer narrowband service and support large-scale networks while leveraging their existing infrastructure. The new software features and hardware increased hub scalability and reduced total cost of ownership, ideal for applications such as SCADA/substation automation, pipeline monitoring and AMI backhaul as well as business continuity, SOHO and distance learning. 

Key Features Introduced by this Release:

  • 16-channel narrowband license for the XLC-M line card
  • GQoS enhancements to optimize large scale networks
  • Web-based iSite for remote commissioning
  • Highly-efficient BUC and LNB bundle
  • Compact, low-power Evolution X1 remote with optional IP67 weatherproof casting 

iDX 3.0 Software Release

The iDX 3.0 release brought TDMA and SCPC together on one platform, offering adaptability to support each application with the most efficient transport technology.

Key Features Introduced by this Release:

  • SCPC Return capability enables service providers to switch any Evolution router back and forth between TDMA and SCPC based on dynamic bandwidth requirements
  • Visibility into SCPC link performance for overall network efficiency
  • Multi-Channel Demod line cards can now support 4 or 8 return channels with the appropriate software license key, vastly improving hub scalability
  • Multicast FastPath enabling faster and more efficient multicasting supporting HD broadcast, distance learning, digital signage and other video applications 

iDX 2.3 Software Release

The iDX 2.3 release included TRANSEC over DVB-S2/ACM and broadened data encryption options essential for Government and Defense customers.

Key Features Introduced by this Release:

  • DVB-S2/ACM TRANSEC support
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 1 compliant software
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 2 compliant hardware
  • Transmit Key Line feature to conserve remote terminal power
  • 2D 16-State coding
  • Introduced eM0DM line card

iDX 2.1 Software Release

The iDX 2.1 release built upon the success of the iDX platform by enhancing Group QoS management and boosting performance characteristics.

Key Features Introduced by this Release:

  • Group QoS enhancements
  • Security and platform enhancements
  • Higher performance and network scalability (up to 20% packets-per-second improvements)

iDX 2.0 Software Release

The iDX 2.0 release introduced 2D 16-Sate next generation coding technology and the Evolution X5 Satellite Router, offering an effective platform that supported both the iNFINITI and Evolution product lines.

Key Features Introduced by this Release:

  • DVB-S2/ACM or iNFINITI outbound
  • Uses D-TDMA inbound
  • Evolution X5 Satellite Router 
  • Bandwidth efficiencies with DVB-S2/ACM
  • 2D 16-State delivering the most efficient inbound coding
  • Full integration of Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) efficiency gains with Group QoS
  • Spread Spectrum
  • TRANSEC over iNFINITI downstream channel